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Do You Know?

As a young man, I remember searching for answers to questions that then seemed unanswerable. It was as if I ran from person to person asking, “Do you know?” “Do you know?”  “Do you know?”

I tried many different disciplines to try to get answers. I read hundred of books, sought out priests, gurus and wise men. I went from Catholicism to agnosticism to shamanism to Eckankar, from allopathic medicine to no medicine, from believing all the overblown claims in ads to muscle testing.  I asked this question of everyone, “Do you know?”   

I am now in my 68th year and I no longer have to ask. I have a tool to answer all those questions myself. The Quantum Inquisitor has allowed me to finally learn my true place in the Universe.

What is a Quantum Inquisitor?

The Quantum Inquisitor is an updated and upgraded biotensor. Some people call it a bobber. There is a German bioresonance company that calls their version a BiRek. An Austrian company calls theirs Oekotensor.  You can get them with wood handles, cork handles, and stainless steel handles. You can get them with counterweights shaped in rings, miniature dish antennas, or coiled springs. I have tried them all and found them lacking in design and performance. Some try to go cheap. Most don’t understand the law of conservation of momentum.


I am a trained engineer. I understand both physics and human physiology. I understand material science and how wood and metals age. I wanted an instrument that performed and endured.  So I made my own. My Quantum Inquisitor is so good it’s trademarked.


Why use a Quantum Inquisitor? Why not just use kinesiology and muscle test?

Dr. David R. Hawkins, who has been so instrumental in mainstreaming kinesiology, says:

“Kinesiology is only available to 20% of the population and is only about 70% accurate.”


The Quantum Inquisitor can be used by 90% of the population and is 99.5 % accurate.


Can you muscle test a person who is not physically there? No you can’t.

Can you muscle test your dog? Your cat? Your canary? No you can’t.

Can you muscle test a supplement from a picture in a catalog? No you can’t.

Can you muscle test an email about a “New Super food!”  No you can’t.


With the Quantum Inquisitor, Yes you can. And you don’t need someone to push down your outstretched arm while they tell you to resist.


How does the Quantum Inquisitor work?

We all have an innate wisdom, a network of nerves in our bodies, an internal guidance system that bypasses the intellectual loop and goes straight to our involuntary muscles.  Our body knows what is true, and tries to tell us the truth at all times. But because it is so subtle, and because most of us were never taught that it exists, or our intellect overrides it, that we can't feel it, and we go about our day completely oblivious to it.


The Quantum Inquisitor "amplifies" what our involuntary muscles are signaling, dramatically showing us "Yes" and "Not Yes". Tapping into this system is life-changing … and fun!


Watch this short video of a 6-year-old boy using a Quantum Inquisitor for the very first time: Look how the Quantum Inquisitor is moving for him! If you look closely, he's wearing headphones. He is listening to a short melody I composed to make the Quantum Inquisitor move automatically. This experience is waiting for you, too.

All Spiritual Masters have known this simple fact: that everything in the universe constantly gives off a unique energy pattern that remains for all time and can be read by those who know how. Every word, deed, and intention creates a permanent record.  There are no secrets.  Nothing is hidden, nor can it ever be.  Everything stands naked in time, accessible for all to see. The Masters know this.  And with a Quantum Inquisitor, you can know it, too.


What you will be doing is reading energy fields. Reading energy fields will enable you to distinguish between hard facts and invented stories. And until one can tell the difference between hard facts and invented stories, you cannot break the loop. Every time we believe a story that’s not true, we are living in an alternative universe. To find the hard facts, you need to go to the source. You need to read energy fields.


It’s all right if this all seems a bit overwhelming. My 4 DVDs walk you step-by-step through the process. It is easy to learn. And all the while your Level of Consciousness will be higher than it has ever been.


All you are asking from your Quantum Inquisitor is either a “Yes” (I resonate with that) or a “No” (get that away). With this you can answer every question you have ever had about this world (and the next). You no longer have to believe what anyone tells you. Using your Quantum Inquisitor you will know for yourself what truly resonates with you, and what does not.


What can you test with the Quantum Inquisitor?

Anything you want. There is nothing you can’t find out. For instance, when we take supplements, are we taking the best ones? And do we really need to take the ones we do take?


That’s an easy answer with your Quantum Inquisitor. You simply calibrate the supplements using a scale of 1-1,000. The higher the calibration number the better. The choice between one that calibrates at 150 and one that calibrates at 930 is an easy one. And if you don’t resonate with a particular supplement, then taking it is of no benefit to you. That saves you money and causes less stress on your body.


You can calibrate bottled water so that you only drink the best. You can calibrate all those advertisements to see if they are claiming the truth. You can calibrate websites to see if the information is of any use to you. You can calibrate politicians to see if they are sincere.


Ever watch a YouTube of flying saucers and wonder if they are real or PhotoShopped? With the Quantum Inquisitor you will know. There are lots of real UFOs out there and lots of fakes. You’ll know the difference. I will show you how on my DVDs. We weren’t born knowing how to walk. We had to learn. A baby crawls around on its hands and knees before they can pull themself up. And before you know it, the baby is getting into everything. That’s what the Quantum Inquisitor lets us do:  Get into everything


This is what Frank from Kentucky has to say about his Quantum Inquisitor:

 "For years they have been able to pull the wool over our eyes. Well, that has ended."

Here is the complete Quantum Inquisitor package:                                 

the Quantum Inquisitor

an extra weight and wire

3 spare wires

17-page booklet   4 DVDs of detailed instructions

ith  the DVDs you’ll easily learn how to:

  • Learn the Skills to use the Quantum Inquisitor
  • How to hone your Skills
  • Establish Quantum Access
  • Test Websites for truthfulness
  • How to test for real UFOs, Crop Circles and ghosts
  • Learn how to calibrate people, books and products
  • Learn how to test your Meridian Points
  • How to test your need for supplements
  • Whether you are suffering from pathogens or allergies
  • How to test a person for Drugs
  • How to check a person’s Awarenesses
  • Establish an Energetic Date of Birth
  • How to use the Light Strands Scale
  • Check Dimensionality
  • Some of us have lived on planets in other Galaxies. Have you?
  • Test the alien intervention in our Human Evolution
  • Read an important message about supplements

Even after learning and doing all of the above, you will have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

Why Use a Quantum Inquisitor? Can't We Make Our Own Decisions?

You can’t tell anymore just by looking. You can’t believe what you hear. And because of Computer Generated Images – the CG of Hollywood – you can’t believe what you see. I know I couldn’t.  Being human means we struggle with the fearful burden of free choice. We are taught that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. Just how are we supposed to do that, anyway? How are we supposed to know?


I used to look for the truth from someone else. I relied on other people, paid big money for them to tell me what’s true. Until I finally said:


“I will find the truth myself. I will solve the mystery.”


And you can solve it too!


Our intellect on its own is incapable of telling truth from falsehood, but the larger voice that is our intuitive super unconscious can. Nothing is hidden from our super unconscious. It’s the ultimate bullsh** detector.


And the Quantum Inquisitor is the ultimate fun!


It’s fun to know unequivocally without reason or passion. To see deeply into the workings of the universe. To know the truth without explanation. To connect with a greater knowledge. To provide an oasis of peace in the midst of chaos. To finally gain the confidence to take action.


What if everyone…  

What if everyone used a Quantum Inquisitor?


The world would turn upside-down.


We would no longer have to listen to those who try to tell us what to do, what to eat, what to believe, who to hate, when and what to fear.


The world as we now know it, the world of lies and deception, the world of chemically contaminated food, drugs we don’t need, drugs that are harming us, that world would disappear because everyone could see it for what it is.  Everyone would be able to resonate with the truth.


With a Quantum Inquisitor in your own hand, you will uncover what is true and real, instead of what you were told by those echoing the mythologies of history and culture and corporate greed. You will be that one in a million who will know the truth about everything.  And you will be free.


With a Quantum Inquisitor, Everyone Could Determine The Truth For Themselves

and the World would Change forever!


Wishful thinking? Maybe so.  Because the only person we can change is our self. What we do makes all the difference in the world. When you’re in the grocery store looking to buy fruit juice for your kids and a simple 3-second test can tell you whether it’s good for them or laden with bad chemicals, wouldn’t you want to know?


The Universe is all about finding new ways to be conscious. With a Quantum Inquisitor, you can open your eyes to all that is, lay aside any uncertainty weighing you down, unlock the universe, discover who you really are. There are profound powers seeded in your soul waiting to sprout. Connect with them. Use them. Your Quantum Inquisitor will do this for you with ease, accuracy and an assuredness unequaled by any instrument or any authority.

Unlock the universe.  Make it yours.

What would you pay for a tool that could unlock secrets that have been hitherto unknowable?

  • A tool that could verify the truthfulness of anything?
  • A tool that could identify your health issues?
  • Tell you what’s good for you and what’s not?
  • A tool that could protect you from harm, save you thousands of dollars in unneeded and sometimes harmful drugs and supplements?
  • A tool that could, finally, give you some peace of mind? 

My very first “biotensor” cost me $375.  It turned out to be cheaply-made and inadequate . And nothing came with it. No spare weights or wires, no instructions, no booklet, no DVDs.  I had to learn by myself with persistent trial and error over many, many months. You don’t have to do that. Here is what Pierre in Canada has to say:


“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am really enjoying my Quantum Inquisitor and your course. Your video could have been days long and I would still enjoy watching them as you demonstrate different testing methods etc. I had tried muscle testing methods and pendulums too before all of which gave me pretty wildly varying results. With the “Q-I” my results are much more consistent.” 


Remember: Quantum Inquisitor is not a toy. It’s not some wire stuck into a wooden handle. The handle is C27200 Brass made in a foundry in Haywood, California and conforms to the international standard AATMB135. The wire is securely held in place by a hardened steel collet machined by the Starrett Company that has been making precision tools since 1880.


The Quantum Inquisitor is not a toy. It is the preferred instrument used by European health professionals to make life-and-death decisions for their patients.


 I’m making this package available to other like-minded, caring explorers for $277.00

“I have been using the Quantum Inquisitor for only 5 years. Yet if I were to die tomorrow, I have already expanded in ways I never thought possible. I’ve reached a depth of understanding, insight and enlightenment I thought I would never experience in this life.”

Sooner or later we all have to figure everything out for ourselves. With the Quantum Inquisitor you will be able to see the Truth. Everything else is just guessing. When you are ready to explore beyond the limitations of your beliefs, this is the tool you will be using.

Don’t just make stuff up. Get Enlightened

Why not do it now.

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